Nanoscience and nanotechnology applications have shown remarkable progress in several industrial fields, producing advance materials. Nowadays, there are a great number of technological developments and R&D projects regarding nanotechnology concepts to enhance performance and reliability of conventional materials. Electrical industry has taken advantage of these nanotechnology efforts looking for application in its components, such as in electrical transformers which are considered as key elements in the electricity network. This paper shows a comprehensive literature review on the applications of nanotechnology concepts for transformers, especially investigations related to insulating materials, dielectric fluids, outdoor insulators, monitoring systems and other components. Latest up to date literature on the applications regarding nanomaterials for transformers have been reviewed and reported. In addition, opportunities for future research and a general overview of nano-applications in electrical transformers are shown in this work.
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Centro de Investigacion Aplicada de Prolec (CIAP), Apodaca, MX; Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, MX; Universidad de Monterrey, San Pedro Garza Garcia, MX

Electric Power Systems Research * Band 143 (2017) Seite 573-584 (12 Seiten)

Nanotechnology applications for electrical transformers – A review