Nanotechnology can be used for design and construction processes in many areas since nanotechnology generated products have many unique characteristics. These characteristics can significantly fix current construction problems, and may change the requirement and organization of the construction process. This paper reviews the basic concept of nanotechnology, different types of nanomaterial and their manufacturing process as well as the applications of nanotechnology in different fields such as concrete, pavement engineering, construction materials. Use of nanotechnology is found to offer high performing and efficient materials. Specific application areas include water and waste water treatment, construction materials etc. The use of nanotechnology in civil engineering is still in infancy stage. The production methods, pollutions caused to human health, manufacturing difficulties, performance are the issues to be addressed in order to use the nanotechnology in civil engineering.

Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Kajang, MY

Green Technologies and Sustainable Development in Construction, GBTM, Conference on Green Building Technologies and Materials, 3, in: Advanced Materials Research * Band 935 (2014) Seite 151-154 (4 Seiten)
Zürich: Trans Tech Publications

Nanotechnology in Civil Engineering – A Review