Part two of the in-depth scientific study clarifies the significant social and technical indicators of the development of nano-field at the macro, micro, and meso development levels of the economic environment in Latvia in the framework of the given theme. The analytical assessment of numerical change in socioeconomic and technical factors clearly demonstrates the interaction of nano-field with the development of science and manufacture, as found out in the study. The identified indicators are proposed to use for research, comparison and implementation in any other country of the world.

Riga Technical University, LV; Latvian Academy of Sciences, Riga, LV

Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences * Band 53 (2016) Heft 5, Seite 31-42 (12 Seiten, 44 Quellen)
Warsaw: De Gruyter Open

The Development of Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials Industry in Science and Entrepreneurship: Socioeconomic and Technical Indicators